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Free coffee for workers comes as standard at the serviced office Leatherhead

A new poll has revealed that 65% of people drink coffee at work, while 38% say they cant live without it, and 37% of people would rather have access to freshly brewed coffee everyday than have a staff Christmas party.

At the serviced office Leatherhead everyone has unlimited access to the coffee machine. What’s more, at the Leatherhead serviced office it comes at no extra cost, providing you with excellent value for money, and your employees a pleasant environment in which to work.

For many people all over the world, the first thing they do when they get to work is they make a cup of coffee.  The simple pleasure of sipping on a hot cup of coffee is one that according to a recent poll has revealed 38% of people could not live without.

Business owners need to be in tune with their workers caffeine hungry request. Providing free coffee in the office is a cheap, easy way to keep your employees happy. Here are the reasons why:

The poll showed that 65% of the work force drinks coffee while they are at work; some for the smell, some for the taste, some for the caffeine hit, and some simply love a quick gossip over the coffee machine.

On average, we drink around three cups of coffee per day. With the price of coffee shop drinks soaring, many people have deemed their daily take out latte as an unnecessary expense. 

Providing your employees free access to coffee while they work will help them to manage their finances better. This small perk will also help your work force to feel appreciated and valued. And 37% of respondents said that they would rather have a freshly brewed cup of coffee every day than have an office party at Christmas!

Coffee also benefits employers too, as it has been shown to improve performance at work. Caffeine helps to keep your workforce feeling wide awake, alert and focused. It has also been proven to aid concentration, and improve memory, which helps to eliminate the number of mistakes which they make. For people working shifts, caffeine has also been proven to help prevent work related accidents and injuries; saving you money in sick pay.

Coffee breaks also create a positive, enjoyable office experience. Providing your employees with free coffee won’t just improve their performance, but it will also improve their environment, cement working relationships, and help to keep them feeling positive.  40% of people that took part in the poll reported that they had experienced productive conversations over a cup of coffee.

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